Defensive Horror Show as Taiwan Lose 9-0

Taiwan played out a defensive disaster-class as they went down to a chastening 9-0 defeat in Kuwait.

Not since 2006 have they lost so heavily and head coach Louis Lancaster has an enormous job on his hands to lift his players in time for the match vs Jordan on Wednesday evening.

Taiwan has been to be perceived to have made great strides forwards since that fateful day back in 06, when they were beaten 10-0, delivered again by tonight’s tormentors, Kuwait.

However, as the clock ticked towards the 90th, many could be forgiven for wondering what the past sixteen years of work had been for.

Taiwan had initially made a solid enough start, passing the ball well and quickly, but once they went a goal down the side imploded.
Time and time again Kuwait cut through and over Taiwan’s backline, as a poorly organised offside trap failed to keep a pacey Kuwait side at bay.

Chen Wei-Chuan had a particularly traumatic game. The centre back was badly caught out for the fifth goal, gave the ball away in his own half for the sixth, and turned the ball past Pan Wen-Chieh for the eighth.

Chen Wei-Chuan’s difficulties were symbolic of Taiwan’s overall performance, as the side constantly misplaced passes under little pressure. It was, perhaps, admirable that Taiwan continued to try to play their trademark short passing game from back to front, however with confidence visibly eroding as the match wore on, this strategy became suicidal.

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